June 3, 2020

TBR // June 2020

* Welcome to another month of reading loves! It's finally June and if you live in the Northern Hemisphere that means it's basically summer!! I'm so excited for summer. It's my second favorite season after Fall. There are just so many more things to do outside and the sun. Don't get me started about the SUN and the FLOWERS. Ok, I'll stop...for now. heehee.

June 2020 TBR

* Surprise! It's another #magicalreadathon month! Well, not for the whole month. Technically it's just a week long. More specifically the week of June 22-28. I'll link G's video HERE so you can check it out and get the readathon map. That's right, a MAP. This is gonna be so fun!

* Previous to this readathon announcement I had already made up my June tbr so I may be cheating a little. 
In the interest of not overwhelming myself and reading to the exclusion of all else that week, I'm going to be doing the readathon all month. I'll be lucky to get all ten books read as it is. I'm sure G won't mind me stretching the rules just a bit. I know she is super understanding about this kind of thing. Anyway, I've done enough talking. Let's get into it. 

Here's my June TBR.

Make sure you go watch G's video first. Otherwise, this may not make much sense. Just giving you a heads up. 😁

1. The Marauder's Map: Read a book with a map.

- For this one, I picked Tatiana and Alexander by Paulina Simmons. I've had this book on my unread shelf for way too long and thankfully it has a map right in the front! I'll be reading this one next as one of the rules for the readathon is to start with the Marauder's Map.

2. The Three Broomsticks: Read a book that's part of a trilogy. 

- For this prompt, I chose Citadel which is another book I've had on my unread shelf for way too long. It also happens to be the last book in a trilogy. 

3. Madam Puddifoot's: Start a read with a cup of tea (or coffee).

- I went super easy this time and literally picked the book that has been on my tbr the longest. The book is Seraphina by Rachel Hartman.

4. Hogshead: Not the most popular- has less than 10,000 ratings on Goodreads.

- The book I picked for this prompt is Diamond & Dawn by Lyra Selene. I got this book back when it released in November and I have still not picked this up. I need to read it very soon before I kiss YA goodbye forever. 

5. Honeyduke's: Pink or green cover, or has sweets/baked goods on the cover.

- This book wasn't originally on my tbr but it's literally the only green book I own that I haven't read yet. It's called The Lost Book of the Grail by Charlie Lovett. It's been on my unread shelf for ages and I need to just read it already.

6. Zonko's: Humorous read.

- I don't really read comedy books. I do really enjoy banter and funny moments in books. For this one, I picked Illuminae, which I also happen to be reading. And I just realized that's cheating because it doesn't have a map in it. But like I said, this announcement released late and I'm not changing my tbr for it. 

7. The Shrieking Shack: Read a horror or a thriller.

- While I'm not a fan of either one of these genres, Gemina by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman definitely has some creepy vibes and that's about as scary as I'm going to get.

8. Scrivenshaft's Quill Shop: Book written by a person of color.

- The Silvered Serpents by Roshani Chokshi! I was so happy to get approved for this book on Net Galley. And now I just keep putting off reading it. I plan to remedy that this month and I'm hoping the excitement of the readathon helps me get there.

9. Owl Post: Book you got via post or last book you added to your tbr.

- As of right now the last book I got in the mail is Storm Front by Jim Butcher. I have been recommended this book so many times lately. It's finally time to dive into the story.

10. Dervish and Banges: Steampunk Read.

- It's pretty hard to know which books are steampunk before you start reading them. Unless it's in the synopsis and I don't really read those. I remembered The Infernal Devices books all having some kind of small machines on the covers and that felt steampunk to me. So I'm going for it and also starting a much-recommended series with Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.

✽ That's all the prompts and books I've picked to read this month. I'll be so thankful if I make it through my original tbr of five books. And if I can read more it will be even better. What book lover doesn't want to read more books in a month?

Happy reading,