April 30, 2020

O.W.L.s 2020 Reading Wrap Up

*Hello again my loves! This post may not be my best work. I woke up this morning realized it's the last day of April and I haven't even started drafting this post yet. Ugh. Anyway, I'm going to try to make this one fun. Grab a cuppa and a snack and let's get into my O.W.L.s wrap-up.

I made it through all of my O.W.L.s! Not only did I complete the required prompts for my chosen career and my seminar, but I also completed the other seven prompts! I feel super accomplished this month and I'm just going to be proud of myself for a minute. 😊

Career Requirements // Trader of Magical Tomes

The Dragon's Heart  ⭐}
By Alysha King

This book was all sorts of intense and amazing and omg that ending! I couldn't get enough of the tension in the romance and the near-death experiences. So many amazing things happened in this book. I cannot wait for book three!! 

Shatter Me  }
By Tahereh Mafi

This book was ok. It really had lots of potential. A dystopian setting, a unique writing style. But the book was lacking so much intrigue for me. I couldn't get attached to the characters because, well, there wasn't enough that I learned about them to really care. Sure I learned their history (kinda) but there was no development whatsoever. The book was very boring and gave me serious The Selection vibes. Except in a more dangerous, minus the bachelor vibes, life or death way. I've decided not to read the rest of the series as I've got other more interesting things to read. 

Grim Lovelies ⭐}
By Megan Shepherd

This was a decent book. I really liked the idea behind it and it was a really solid story. I wish I could say the same for the sequel.

The Wren Hunt ⭐}
By Mary Watson

Now this book I really enjoyed. It has magic, it's set in England, it's very moody and I really enjoyed it. I'm dying to get my hands on the sequel. I loved the main character and the plot was actually pretty good for such a short book. 

Seminar Requirements // Magical Shop Management

The City of Brass ⭐}
By S A Chakraborty

This book kinda blew my mind. First of all, it's a debut and it's amazing! I really liked the main character and of course, our morally grey broody love interest is perfect. There was one thing I didn't like and that was the epilogue. There was a HUGE plot reveal on like the last page of the book. I HATE it when authors do this. It's like a last-ditch effort to hook people who might not have liked it into reading the second novel if there is one. I just think it's a cheap trick. I was already going to read the next book before I even finished it and then there's that little gem right at the end. Just no. 

Remaining O.W.L.s Prompts

Escaping from Houdini ⭐}
By Kerri Maniscalco

I'm thinking this is going to be my least favorite book in the Stalking Jack the Ripper series. The main reason being that this book was less about solving murders and more about a stupid love triangle that should have never been in the book in the first place. 

Midnight Beauties }
By Megan Shepherd

So this book was pretty much a travesty. There were so many typing errors. I literally read two paragraphs that said the same thing just in different ways. Right after the other. Someone wasn't paying attention while editing. That said, the book started out so well. There was purpose and the main character was pretty determined. I'm not sure where it went wrong but I ended up being so disappointed in it. It was very reminiscent of The Shadow and Bone trilogy romance line. 

By Cassandra Clare

I can't begin to describe my disappointment in this book. There was no plot. No character development. Just absolutely nothing happened. There wasn't even any world development. I was just so so upset by the end.

King of Scars ⭐}
By Leigh Bardugo

I was really enjoying this book until the end. There really shouldn't be a second book. The entire plot of this duology could have been wrapped up. But it wasn't. I was so disappointed in the ending.
I did enjoy was the banter and relationship between Zoya and Nikolai. I didn't much care for Nina's perspective but I think that's because I should have read Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom first. 

This Savage Song ⭐}
By Victoria Schwab

This was a decent book. Again, the ending was terrible. I've just been having bad luck with endings this month. I really liked the world and the "magic". August was my favorite character. The ending was mediocre at best. I just was not there for it at all. 

The Screwtape Letters ⭐}
By C S Lewis

This was a very interesting if disturbing book. It might not have been 

Six of Crows ⭐}
By Leigh Bardugo

Six of Crows was an interesting if long book. I liked the heist bits which were action-packed and daring. It was fun to learn about the background of the characters but overall there are too many perspectives and too much info-dumping. 

Books I unhauled:

Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi
Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi
Defy Me by Tahereh Mafi

After reading the first book in this series I found myself completely underwhelmed and I really don't want to take the time to read all the books in this series. 

Books I bought:

Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo

I previously read this book and loved it. So I treated myself to the UK copy of the hardcover before it goes out of print.

Foundryside and Shorefall by Robert Jackson Bennett

I just found this series and I can't be more excited to read it! The covers are also stunning which is a big reason why I checked them out in the first place.

Nevernight and Godsgrave by Jay Kristoff

These two copies are probably the most coveted of all. They are the Nevernight and Godsgrave Illumicrate reprints of the UK hardcovers. Even though I wasn't that thrilled with Nevernight I really do want to continue this series and find out more about this intriguing world. 

Reading Stats:

Starting Unread Shelf: 39
Unread Shelf Books Read: 11
May Starting Unread Shelf: 25

Total Books Read: 12
Books Reread: 0
Total New to Me Books: 12
Best Book: The City of Brass
Pages Read: 4, 969
No. of Print Books: 11
No. of eBooks: 1

That's it for my O.W.L.s Wrap-Up. I had so much fun reading these for the O.W.L.s 2020 Readathon! I can't wait for N.E.W.T.s in August!

Happy Reading,