April 13, 2020

My Favorite Place to Read

*Even though we all love books and reading, we all have different ways that we like to read. We usually have a favorite spot, environment, snack, etc. This post probably isn't the most important one I'm going to write, but it is a fun one. It's cool to see how different we all are even though our hobby is literally the same. So grab your favorite beverage for this super chill edition of The Cozy Shelf. 

My favorite place to read.

One of my favorite places to read is right here in this chair.  It's a pretty good place to sit because it gives me a great view of our back yard and the living room inside. So no matter where my kids are I can usually see them. 

At home alone.

On the rare occasion that I'm home by myself, I love to read on the couch. It's right across the room from a huge window so I can always gaze out the window while I'm thinking about my current read. 

At night.

I'm sure this is a lot of reader's favorite place to read. When I was younger my room was the only place I could get any peace and quiet so my bed was where it's at. I still read in bed but only at night before I fall asleep. 

Other requirements for reading.

When I really want to snuggle in for a long reading session I always have a few things on hand. A fresh hot cup of coffee. A sweet snack. A candle (usually bookish). And an ambient video playing on my tv. I love videos with fireplaces and rain sounds. Thankfully I'm not the only one so there are lot's to pick from. Oh, another thing that I prefer, but isn't necessary, is a quiet house. I can read while there are things going on in the background but it's harder to stay focused on the story. 

My favorites.

I thought it would be fun to make a list (with links!) of my favorite things that I like to have while reading.

Youtube Videos:



Sweet Snack:

I hope you had fun reading this super chill post. And maybe found some new favorites for your reading time. 

Happy reading,