April 17, 2020

2020 Book Buying Guide

* Hello loves! I have been wanting to do this blog post for a really long time. I'm always curious to know where and how book lovers buy their books. I figured you all would be interested to know the same things about me. Even if you didn't before, I bet you do now. 😅So let's just get into it. 

Book Preferences:

First, lets talk about some of my book preferences are. My preferred format is hardcover and I like to buy new books. There are instances where I will purchase an used book. Such as if the cover I want to get is out of print or if I'm a little interested in the book but don't want to spend a bunch of money on it. 
I also no longer buy books just because they are cheap. I buy books I have a legit interest in reading. I don't get free books from publishers. All of the books I own I've purchased with my own money. So it's really important that I spend my money on books I have a very strong interest in reading. 

I learned the hard way last year what happens if you just buy books because they are cheap. You can read all about it in this post

Another reason why I'm so picky on which books I buy is that I LOVE book merch. Because I love getting merch for my favorite fandoms I can't spend all my money on books I might never read. 

My criteria for purchasing a book.

When I consider buying a book there are a few questions I ask myself before I click that checkout button. 

1. Does it have a beautiful cover? 
- This is a subconscious thing that happens. I don't actually have to ask myself this. I judge every book buy its cover. Hate me all you want but if the cover doesn't appeal to me I won't give it a second glance.

2. How many people have loved it?
- Do people rave about it on Bookstagram or Goodreads? I don't read reviews but if more than a handful of people said they loved it I'm willing to give the book a chance. So long as it isn't a contemporary book that is. 

3. Do any of my close friends on Bookstagram have an interest in it? Or have they read it?
- If one of my besties on booksta likes the book it has a pretty good chance of getting looked at by me. If it's in one of my preferred genres of course. 

4. Is it a UK copy that I want?
- This is an important question because UK hardcovers are only in print so many months after publication. And when they are gone they are gone. I've learned this the hard way. Getting UK copies of books in hardcover is SO expensive after they've gone out of print.

5. Is it a special edition?
- I am TRASH for special edition books. Which is where book box companies have come in handy. I hardly ever buy their monthly subscriptions unless they have merch for a fandom I like. It's sad to say that I'm not usually a big fan of the books they select every month. So I usually buy the books when they put them in their shops. 

6. Last, but usually the deciding factor: Total Cost
- Once I get through all the above criteria the final thing I consider is the cost. I'm always up for a good deal. I'm also very willing to spend quite a bit of money on a book that I really want. These are typically special editions of books I've read and loved. Like the $130 I spend on a special edition set of the original Red Rising trilogy. I have no shame in spending that much money on books that literally mean so much to me. 

My favorite places to but books.

3. Amazon (but only third party sellers)
4. Book box companies:
6. Schuler's Bookstore (my only semi-local indie bookstore)

That's it for my book-buying guide. Like everything else, this will look different for everyone. I just thought it would be fun to lay out my process for buying books. I'd love to know what you do when you buy books. 

Happy reading,