February 1, 2020

February 2020 TBR

*Here is my February TBR and the system behind picking my books for the month.

February 2020 TBR

My tbr jar.

I set out to read a huge tbr of 10 books for the month of January. I typically pick 10 books so that I have a variety to choose from but I've learned that all that does is just overwhelm me. Because of this overwhelm I've created my own version of the tbr jar and how I'm going to use it every month.

For January I just put all ten books on slips of paper, folded them up, and then put them in a jar. I let my husband and two sons alternate picking out my next read and it was a lot of fun! Since then I've been coming up with ways to tweak my system.

The TBR jar system.

I have a master tbr jar which includes books from my unread shelf. (*My unread shelf includes any books I owned pre-2020.) I have a jar for books I own that I want to reread and I have a jar for nonfiction books I want to read this year as well. These are all books that I own. Not books I want to get from the library or that I want to buy.

Before the beginning of the month, I'll pick 3 books from my master tbr jar, 1 from my reread jar, and 1 from my nonfiction jar. I felt that this way I would still get through my unread shelf, reread some of my favorites, and get to all those nonfiction books I've been wanting to read.

When I finish this original tbr of 5 books I get to pick out any of the new books I've bought this year to read. I have big hopes that this system will help me really tackle my unread shelf this year. My big goal is to get the number down to 5-10 books. For those wondering, yes, I count ebooks on my unread shelf. It's a book I own, so therefore it counts. I also count books I receive from Net Galley as well.

February tbr.

My tbr this month looks really exciting! I pulled 3 books I've really been wanting to get to out of the jar so I'm happy about that. I also pulled out the nonfiction book that I've had on my shelf the longest. I'm so glad I'm getting to it in February.

Unread Shelf:
-This book released last year and I got the beautiful Owlcrate edition.
-I've had this book on my physical tbr for a while and I've been dying to read it! The synopsis sounds amazing.
-This is the third book in a series I want to finish reading this year so I'm glad I picked it out so early in the year.

-I love this series so much and I'm so excited to be starting my reread of it.

-This book has been on my tbr for years. It's about time I get to it.

After I finish these books I'll be able to pick any of my new books from this year off my shelves!

I can't wait to see what my husband pulls out of my tbr jar first. 

Happy reading friends,


Ps. Have any questions about how I use my tbr jar? Ask them in the comments!