February 14, 2020

Dark Age | Book Review

*It's time I finally sat down to write my review of Dark Age by Pierce Brown. This was a pretty emotional read for me. In short, I loved it. So I apologize in advance if it just seems like I'm a gushing idiot. I will try to remain as clear as possible, but I cannot make any guarantees. 😇 I'm going to try to keep this as spoiler-free as possible as well. Because I would hate to be spoiled for this book. 

Dark Age Book Review

Title: Dark Age
Author: Pierce Brown
Published: 2019
Pages: 752
Recommended: Yes

Initial Thoughts:

- The complexity of the plot in Dark Age blows the original Red Rising trilogy out of the water. - Because there are multiple POVs you know more about what is going on and at the same time you know less of what's going on.
- Knowing both sides of the story gave me anxiety.
- I was in equal parts frustrated, disgusted, sad, angry, and happy while reading this book. So you know it was good.
- If you didn't like Iron Gold but loved the original trilogy, DARROW IS BACK in Dark Age.
- This doesn't really need to be repeated but I LOVED THIS BOOK.


I had quite a few favorite characters in Dark Age, some of them I was quite surprised about. 
There were huge strides in character development made in this book and I was a huge fan of them. I won't mention names because they are spoilery. If I had to pick an absolute favorite character it would be Darrow. Yes, I'm still in love with him and no I won't apologize for it. 

That being said I had quite a few characters that I did not like. Atlantia is probably my least favorite character. I find her disgusting and without morals. 

All of the characters in this book are very complex. In other words, human. They make mistakes and have to deal with the consequences. There are always going to be characters I don't like, but I can tell the Pierce spent a lot of time rounding out these characters and really letting them play their roles. It was good to read a book where the story wasn't forced by the author. 


This is actually something I'm still struggling with. You would think, after reading 5 books set in the same world I would have a better grasp on how it works. I get that it's set in space and there are planets and stuff. That is easy because it is familiar. What I struggle with are all of the names and what families the characters belong to. It's something that has confused me since Red Rising. I just try my best to make sense of it, but I don't dwell on it too much. It takes away from the story if I focus on names too much. 


The plot, or should I say plots, in this book is so good. Anxiety inducing, but they really moved the story along. Even though Dark Age is almost 800 pages long, and it took me 18 days to read it, I was never bored. I would have tried to read it in one sitting if I had that much free time. It felt like there were a million plot twists but without those twists, this would have been drudgery to read. I was definitely invested in this story. I just needed to find out how it all ended. 

Writing Style:

I don't have a lot to say here but, I have always loved Pierce's writing style. Even in Iron Gold. His characters always have distinct voices and mannerisms. They are so full of life. His writing can be poetic and I love his dialogue.


This book broke my heart. I was expecting it. I just didn't think it would hurt so much. It's so much like the original trilogy that it felt like coming home. My favorite thing about Dark Age is probably all of the character development that happened. You would think after 5 books that Darrow wouldn't change that much, but the difference between Iron Gold Darrow and Dark Age Darrow is huge. I loved every minute of this wild, gut-wrenching, emotional ride. I can't wait to do it again with Red Rising #6.


“Until then, endure, my love. Endure.”― Pierce Brown, Dark Age
“But you don't get the wolf by the tongue without reaching through its teeth.”― Pierce Brown, Dark Age 
“Neither time nor space can sever the strands of life between those we love, not really.”― Pierce Brown, Dark Age
“There’s never a right call, just people who make the hard ones.”― Pierce Brown, Dark Age 


I gave Dark Age by Pierce Brown 5/5 stars based on my personal rating system. 

Happy Reviewing,