February 6, 2020

Book Review | Far Away Bird

*Hello friends! I'm so excited to share this book review with you today! I must admit that I was a little hesitant to read this book, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance! It does have some sensitive content. But it's so worth the read. 

Book Review: Far Away Bird by Douglas Burton

*I was provided a copy of this book for free by Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. The fact that this book was free does not alter my opinions in any way.

Title: Far Away Bird
Author: Douglas A Burton
Published: 2020
Pages: 338
Recommended: Yes

Initial Thoughts:

+ I really loved the arc of the main character, Theodora! She is so relatable and human. I really rooted for her in this book.
+ This was my first time reading a book set in the Byzantine empire and it was very poignant.
+ This is more like a biography that reads like a story. Not so much plot but a 1st person experience of life.
+ I was shocked at the lack of vulgarity in a book about a prostitute.
+ It does deal with rape but the scene is not overly graphic or described. Still, if you have a trigger or sensitivity to this type of thing it might be best to pass this one up.


My favorite character ended up being the main character, Theodora. It took me a while but about halfway through the book I really started to relate to her. Not because of similar life experiences but because of how human she is. Another character I adored was Palatina. I also liked Justinian and Macedonia. Characters I didn't care for were Comito, the main character's sister and a man called Magister Origen. The characters were all distinctly human, which is an aspect that really sells me on a book. 


I don't believe that I've yet read a book set back in time so far. Far Away Bird is set in the Byzantine empire in the mid 500s AD. It was very interesting to read and so colorful. It was also VERY different from modern life and I think that is was drew me in so well.


The plot of this book was very straightforward but also vague. There isn't anything to figure out. It's more of a documentary or an autobiography that chronicles the life of Theodora. It starts out in her childhood and continues until she is 22 years old. It was NOT boring though. I loved learning more about Theodora and seeing her grow and mature as a person. This book will take you on her incredible journey from street prostitute to influential women's rights advocate.

Writing Style:

For this being a book about a prostitute, it's very PG-13. Sarah J Maas's books have more vulgar sex scenes than Far Away Bird does. It was refreshing because Theodora's being a prostitute was not the main focus of this book. If you are looking for smut, you won't find it here.


I really enjoyed reading this book. I felt like I really got to know Theodora well by the last page. I can't wait to read more works by Douglas and I hope to get more glimpses into Theodora's life.

Rating: I gave Far Away Bird 4.4/5 stars based on my personal rating system.

Happy reading,