January 23, 2020

Hello 2020!

*Oh my goodness has it been a while since I've written a post. But it was so good to take a break. I didn't miss it at first but now I am ready to get back into it! I figured there was no better way to do it than to post my 2020 reading goals! I know it's January 23, but guys, there is nothing magical about January 1. 😁

I wanted to kick this new post off with a book tag, the New Year's Book tag. It's a great starting point for your own reading goals if you haven't even thought about them yet.

The New Year's Book Tag:

1. How many books are you planning to read in 2020?
I plan to read 52 books this year. While it's very likely that I will surpass this goal, it takes all of the pressure off and allows me to read books I want to read. Last year my goal was 100 and at the end of the year I was reading books I would never reach for just because they were short and would get me one book closer to my goal.

2. Five books you will make a priority in 2020.
The Merciful Crow
The Storm Crow
Grim Lovelies

3. What genre do you want to read more of in 2020?
I would love to read more science fiction and historical fiction! I read a ton of fantasy but I'm ready to branch out!

4. Three non-book related goals for 2020
+ Have several no spend months (or at least book buying ban months)
+ Finish the Read Scripture Bible plan
+ Create traditions for my family

5. A book you've had forever that you still need to read?
The Wren Hunt

6. One word to describe your 2020?
My word for the year is Tradition. It's meaning is multi-faceted but it encompasses all of the things I want to do this year.

2020 Reading Goals

While I want to read 52 books this year my really big goal is to read or get rid of every unread book I own. I know this seems drastic but if I've had a book on my shelves for 12 months and I don't get to it, I'm probably not going to read it in the next 12 months either. I'm totally ok with this. I'm no stranger to unhauling books. In 2019 I unhauled 107 unread books from my shelves. And I didn't cry over it. I actually breathed a sigh of relief because I didn't have almost 200 unread books sitting on my shelves. My starting unread shelf count for 2020 was 69. You'll see in my January wrap up what the new # is. Finger's crossed it's lower. 😅

Goal #1 is: Read 52 books.

Goal #2 is: Read or get rid of every unread book on my shelves. (for sanity's sake this doesn't include new releases from 2020)

Something else I want to do more of is to post my reviews on my blog! Right now I only post reviews for Net Galley books, but I want to start doing reviews for books that are either super hyped or carry a lot of meaning in them. I'll also start reviewing the nonfiction books I read.

Goal #3 is: Post important book reviews on the blog.

Speaking of nonfiction, that is a genre I really want to spend some more time in this year. I have a bunch of nonfiction books that I've been meaning to read for ages and I finally figured out a system to get them read.
I started a TBR jar this year which was really easy! I wrote down every unread, nonfiction, and book I want to reread on slips of paper and folded them up and put them in their respective jars. Now at the beginning of each month, I pull 3 slips from the unread jar, 1 from the reread jar, and 1 from the nonfiction jar. Those go into my tbr jar and I let my kids and husband pick out what I read. It's so much fun! After I read the initial draw I get to pick any book I want off my unread shelf. It's also pretty flexible. If I pick up a book and I'm just not into it or I know I won't enjoy it, I get to redraw and try again. Super easy and it takes away the stress of figuring out what to read next.

Goal #4 is: Read more nonfiction.

My last goal for the year is also going to be a ton of fun! I bought the Always Fully Booked planner created by Megan of Little Inklings Design and inside she has three different reading challenges you can participate in. I'm aiming to get as many of those prompts completed as possible! Unfortunately, the planner is completely sold out for 2020 but she does have another product called the Novel Companion which is very similar to the planner but doesn't have any calendar pages in it. 

Goal #5: Complete the Little Inklings Design reading challenges.

So there you have it! My 2020 reading goals are super laid back and I feel that I'll be able to accomplish them fairly easily. 

Happy reading,


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