November 4, 2019

10+ Gifts for Book Lovers

*I don't know about all of you but I LOVE getting bookish gifts for my birthday and Christmas. Or anytime really. I figured now would be a great time to come up with a list of gifts you could get for your fellow book lover....or just for yourself. I'm ok with either one. 😉

10+Gifts for Book Lovers

#1 Gift for Book Lovers

Books! If you don't know their personal preference or you worry about getting something they already own or have read gift cards work wonders! My favorite places to buy books are Amazon and Book Depository.

#2 Book Sleeves

These are perfect gifts for readers who travel a lot. If you don't know, book sleeves are made of fabric and come in various sizes. All you need to do is slide a book in the sleeve and keep it protected from dents and rips. A great place to find book sleeves is on Etsy!


Bookmarks are one of my favorite things to collect! There are so many awesome ones available. Just search "bookmarks" on Etsy and you'll have all sorts of options. My favorite bookmark creator is Jen from @bookbookowl. She maintains her own website and also sells on Etsy. She's the one who created my custom bookmark you see in the image above. If you know any Harry Potter fans then SJWonderlandz is another great place to get bookmarks from.

#4 A Journal

The thing about book lovers is that we are typically creative people and we also might just obsess with planning and tracking our reading. I personally use the Always Fully Booked reading planner created by Megan @littleinklingsdesign. It's a planner and a reading tracker all in one. 
If you have a friend who really tracks their reading you could always get them a blank dotted journal. My favorite is the Leuchtturm1917 A5. I use one to bullet journal in but it's great for those who track every aspect of their reading. 

#5 Coffee/Tea Mugs

Have you ever seen a reader without a hot (or cold) mug of something in their hands? I don't think I have. One of the coolest gifts you can get for your lovely book friend is a new bookish themed mug. Or any mug really. We don't discriminate.  😁

#6 The TBR Jar

This is something new that I just found on Etsy the other day. If you have a friend who never knows what to read next, then this will help them immensely. I've only seen these at this one shop and the good news is that you don't have to write the book titles or fold the stars. It's a perfect and personal gift that your book-loving friend will love.

#7 Coffee or Tea

I don't know about you but I LOVE coffee and I'm starting to get into tea. I would love a gift of coffee from anyone. My favorite place to buy coffee is from Trade Coffee.

#8 Audible subscription

Know anyone who loves audiobooks? A super simple, but meaningful gift could be a few free months of Audible. I've used audible and the quality of books is fantastic.

#9 Bookish Box subscription

If you know any younger readers then a GREAT gift idea is a subscription to any of the myriad YA book boxes. Some of my favorites are Owlcrate, LitJoy Crate, Illlumicrate, Fairyloot, etc. I would suggest getting permission from their parents or guardians. Because when your gift subscription runs out and the reader wants to continue then the parent or guardian would be responsible for continuing the subscription. 

#10 Shirts!

Readers want to be cozy when they read right? They also want to showcase their love of books. A bookish shirt is a great option. Or a sweatshirt for extra coziness. Just head over to Etsy and search "bookish shirts"

#11 Candles

I know that not everyone likes candles. A lot of people have sensitivities to strong smells. But, if you know someone who does love them, then, by all means, get them some bookish themed candles. My favorite candle maker is Novelly Yours Candles. Brittany has great options and she runs a small business. She also carries some non-bookish candles that smell divine.

#12 Fandom Merchandise

This more often occurs in younger readers, but if you know someone who is always raving about a certain book/series/characters you could get them merchandise based on said things. My favorite kinds of merchandise to collect are enamel pins. There are so many great creators out there and they make beautiful things. 
Find out what their favorite book is and make a simple search on Etsy

#13 Mapiful

I keep seeing more and more book lovers getting these beautiful star maps! I want one really bad, but they do have a little bit of a higher price point. The company is called Mapiful and they offer star maps and city maps. You get to pick the place and the date and they generate a map of the city or the night sky on that day. You can change quite a bit about these maps and I think they are super special to everyone who gets one. 

I hope these ideas get you thinking about what to buy those lovely bookish people in your life. Hopefully, this will give you a headstart. Just don't wait too long to order. Especially with handmade goods. They can take several weeks to produce and ship to you. 

Happy gift buying,